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  • Welcome to the new SITE MICRO dot THEATER sounds kinky don't it.

    we want to start a colony of artists young and old local and worldwide

    art group

    the name of this site maybe will change over time as did the last one

    the old site is getting outdated

    i will take the lessons learned from the ART COMMUNE and apply the good ones here


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    • By MicroTheater Ghost Writer in Unofficial Observances 0
      Hello There!  How is your day going thus far?  Are you aware that today is not only full of unofficial observances such as World Baking Day and Pack Rat Day, but it is also an honest-to-goodness bonafide holiday!  What holiday is it, you ask?  Welp, it's Norwegian Consititution Day!  Also known simply as Sittende Mai (May 17th), Norwegian Constitution Day takes place around the world on May 17th.  
      On May 17, 1814 Norway signed its Consititution to avoid being ceded to Sweden after a devistating defeat during the Napoleonic Wars. The celebration of this day began spontaneously by students to who psyched to have their Norway back!  For a long time King Karl Johan actually banned the celebrations, thinking that the gatherings were an act of revolt or rebellion.  It took many many years for Constitution Day to be established as a holiday.  In 1864 the first Childrens Parade took place.
      Childrens Parades are a key event for any Sytennde Mai celebration.  Children march around the community, often wearing traditional Norwegian garb and holding Norwegian flags while singing the National Anthem "Ja, vi elsker dette landet".  In addition to parades, there are many other celebrations including parties, musical performances, speeches, food and yes, even lutefisk!  Celebrations take place all across Norway in larger cities such as Oslo, Kristiansand and Bergen, and in smaller towns such as Akser and  Ullensaker.  Syttende Mai is also celebrated by many Norwegian immigrant communities in the United States and across the world.  Stoughton, Wisconsin; Petersburg, Alaska; Brooklyn, New York;  and Seattle, Washington all have large Norwegian communities and celebrate Syttende Mai in a big way! Scotland, Sweden, and New Zealand also have large celebrations.  
      Syttende Mai is about celebrating Norways Independence, but it is also about inclusion and diversity.  Young and old, rich and poor, those from near and far... all are welcome!  So go find a Syttende Mai celebration near you today and say a rousing "Hep Hep!" for Syttende Mai! 

    • By MicroTheater Ghost Writer in Unofficial Observances 0
      Hi All, It's National Sea-Monkey Day! Sea-monkeys, otherwise known as “brine-shrimp” are small crustaceans that normally live in salt lakes.I wasn't able to come up with an answer to the question "When did National Sea-Monkey Day begin and who founded it?" but I do know that In 1957 Harold Von Braunhut invented the brine-shrimp based product to sell to consumers in the United States after ant farms had proven popularity a year earlier. How did the sea monkey get it's name? Well, these cute underwater creatures have long tails and demonstrate playful, monkey-like behavior!
      Whatever happened to sea-monkeys? Can one still purchase them? If a child of today can pull him or herself away from the numerous devices that took the place of fun toys like sea-monkeys, they could purchase a set of sea-monkeys at Amazon.com. I would venture to guess that a trip to Archie McPhees could turn up a pretty sweet colony of the little guys as well!  May 16 is the perfect time to reflect on the fun little critters and maybe even share them with the next generation.
      One of the most fascinating characteristics of the sea-monkey is its ability to live for years as an egg before hatching. Sea-monkeys only begin to hatch and grow once you’ve added the proper nutrients to the water environment. Fun Fact: Sea-monkeys have three eyes and breathe through their feet!  To celebrate National Sea-Monkey Day, buy some sea-monkeys of your own and enjoy watching them grow! 

    • By MicroTheater Ghost Writer in Unofficial Observances 0
      Hi All!  I'm back after haiatus and just in time for a very significant observance!  That's right, today is May ninth which means its National Lost Sock Memorial Day!  Where on earth do all of those single socks run off to? Is there really a "sock fairy" who is playing a practical joke?  Do they slip into another dimension that is now FULL of billions of sock singletons? Did the dog eat them?  Or maybe those single socks are just out on a very successful Tinder date.  It's been a conundrum common to all of us since the dawn of time, or at least since the first commercial laundry dryer was released to the public in 1938.  
      No one seems to know when National Lost Sock Memorial Day began or who conceived of it.  Regardless, this is a good day to remind ourselves of the multitude uses for the lonely single socks leftover after their twins mysterious departure.  You could make a sock monkey of course but there are actually so many craft projects that have been imagined by some very creative people.  A wine bottle cozy, iPhone holder, a hair scrunchie, or even a coin purse!  I personally use my lone socks to dust and clean (I use old tshirts for this also but that is for another day).
      If you prefer to fight against this phemomenon, there are some pretty clever ways to do so.  At any rate, today we say "here here!" (or "where? where?" perhaps) to all of the socks that have gone before us and all of the socks (and cold feet) that are left behind.  So here's to National Lost Sock Memorial Day!

    • By MicroTheater Ghost Writer in Unofficial Observances 0
      Hi All!  It's a Reefer Revolution! Tomorrow we celebrate by lighting up a fat one on April 20, Weed Day!  Potheads from all over the world, from Amsterdam to New Zealand, from Arkansas to Zimbabwe will be lighting up this Thursday to celebrate the Jolly Green!  If you reside in certain states and countries, you can light up legally.  Otherwise you'll want to keep it on the down low.  As of 2017 smoking marijuana recreationally is legal in South Africa, Spain, Uraguay, and some parts of the United States including Washington State, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, and Alaska!  My home state of Washington was among one of the first, along with Colorado to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes in 2012.  In Washington State, this applies to those over 21 years of age and there are regulations similar to those around alcohol use.  One may not legally drive under the influence and you can't smoke weed on the street corner, although that does not stop people from doing so.  Take a walk around any street in Seattle and you will catch a whiff of that Giggle Smoke. A number of states and even more countries have decriminalized possession of a small amount of marijuana. And others have legalized marijuana for medical purposes.  
      Legend has it that the observance of marijuana on April 20 began with some high school students in California back in the 70's. They say that a bunch of high school students in San Rafael California chose to meet in the woods at 4:20 one day after school to search for a plot of cannabis plants that was reported to be growing nearby.  They say that "420" became their code word when talking about Aunt Mary.  Since then a number of events have been built around 4-20 including the Cannabis Cup and the World Hemp Expo Extravaganza.  These types of events aim to promote the legality of marijuana, the health benefits that many experience from injestion of marijuana, and the harmlessness to others that underlies the need for legalization.  Other events promote the viability of hemp and marijuana use as an environmental and social benefit to humankind.  
      I will personally be celebrating this day by wearing my hemp socks, the most comfortable and breathable socks I own, walking down to my local weed shop and purchasing my favorite way to inject marijuana, Fremont Freaks.  They are a delicious dried fruit that has been dipped in a sugar loaded with THC!  YUM!
      How will YOU be celebrating 420?
    • By MicroTheater Ghost Writer in Unofficial Observances 0
      Greetings!  April 18 is World Heritage Day and I couldn't be more thrilled!  World Heritage Day-- more formally known as International Day for Monuments and Sites-- is observed around the world every year on April 18 to recognize and celebrate all that is culture and heritage around the world!  International Day for Monuments and Sites was approved by UNESCO in 1983 after being proposed by the International Council on Monuments and Sites in 1982. UNESCO serves to promote peace, respect for human rights, and collaboration between nations. 
      World Heritage Day is noteworthy because it reminds us of of the value of preserving culturally relevant sites around the world.  As of today, there are 1,052 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 165 countries around the world! Over two hundred of these are natural sites such as The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere and Reserve in Mexico, and Yellowstone National Park in the United States. Many more are cultural sites; 814 to be exact; man made, and cherished by the world and their respective countries. From the decorated farmhouses of Halsingland in Sweden, to the Ankor Complex in Cambodia, these sites are precious and culturally relevant monuments to the creativity and diversity of humankind.
      How does one celebrate World Heritage Day?  Do some research and find a World Heritage Site near you and pay a visit!  Learn about World Heritage Sites around the world and plan a visit!  I personally have a bucket list that includes visits to sites including Angkor Wat Temples in Cambodia, the Historic Monuments of Kyoto in Japan, Victoria Falls in Zambia, and the Statue of Liberty in the U.S!  Check out the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and plan your bucket list!

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      MICRO.THEATER   03/21/2017

      Microtheater Sunday, March 26, 2017 11:39 AM MICROTHEATER A style of Design with easy access Consisting of a Movie Theater Theme A VIRTUAL THEATER TOPICS range from ART To Religion Philosophy ALT-Science We are a Microtheater first and foremost Which is kind of like the building and the service you are getting  
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      Seattle art group Thursday, March 23, 2017 11:15 PM The artist group is a communal idea of joining together to make something greater for the whole that normally would be A combined effort of artists to create something far beyond what we might otherwise get to. All art posted will be rated reviewed sorta shuffled stamped dated revised edited blogged worded pr  any or all of these may occur or none A group effort I want to start an ART BLOG site where artists share their art and also blog each piece a bit so we get a sense of the artist This is a dream for the group an art social blog site ART SOCIAL BLOG SITE
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      GravenImage.org   03/25/2017

      Graven Image Saturday, March 25, 2017 10:08 PM I get the graven image from genesis one of my favorite books of the bible It speaks of a time when ART was a SIN. And to worship Art a great sin So goes pagan idols and gods I hope this site is much like the last one only more interesting I would like to get people talking about science politics religion and art I also would love if I can get the artists if any to do more descriptions with each piece A ART BLOG SOCIAL SITE Let's try that again shall we An ARTIST GROUP BLOG SOCIAL SITE