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      MICRO.THEATER   03/21/2017

      Microtheater Sunday, March 26, 2017 11:39 AM MICROTHEATER A style of Design with easy access Consisting of a Movie Theater Theme A VIRTUAL THEATER TOPICS range from ART To Religion Philosophy ALT-Science We are a Microtheater first and foremost Which is kind of like the building and the service you are getting  
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      SeattleArtGroup.Com   03/24/2017

      Seattle art group Thursday, March 23, 2017 11:15 PM The artist group is a communal idea of joining together to make something greater for the whole that normally would be A combined effort of artists to create something far beyond what we might otherwise get to. All art posted will be rated reviewed sorta shuffled stamped dated revised edited blogged worded pr  any or all of these may occur or none A group effort I want to start an ART BLOG site where artists share their art and also blog each piece a bit so we get a sense of the artist This is a dream for the group an art social blog site ART SOCIAL BLOG SITE
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      Graven Image Saturday, March 25, 2017 10:08 PM I get the graven image from genesis one of my favorite books of the bible It speaks of a time when ART was a SIN. And to worship Art a great sin So goes pagan idols and gods I hope this site is much like the last one only more interesting I would like to get people talking about science politics religion and art I also would love if I can get the artists if any to do more descriptions with each piece A ART BLOG SOCIAL SITE Let's try that again shall we An ARTIST GROUP BLOG SOCIAL SITE


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  1. Underground Art Colony By Franklin Stevens copyright © 2017 The Underground art colony Chapter 1 The Law against art There is a law against all types of art in this world. At one time there were all kinds of art. But now the art is not allowed of any kind. The art police burn down the theaters, music halls, and art museum. They also burn the great pieces of artworks. Then they went after the artist of the world and killed them. Then they ban children from drawing, writing stories in school and at home. At least they try to. The law says: anyone caught doing any art no matter of age will be imprisoned for no less than 50 years. Anybody caught buying or selling art will be put to death. Anybody have owning art or looking at art will be imprisoned for no less than 25 years. So we artist had to go underground. We artists did our art in the sewers and caves where we could be hidden. A few of our artist risk their lives. They will go out and draw or paint on sidewalks and buildings and hang posters up put on a play or read stories to people until the art police will try to grab them. They try to excite the people to fight against the unjudge law against the art. Many of them got caught, and even under torturer's hands, they will not reveal where the art colonies are hidden. They are heroes to us. But to the government they are criminals. The government says arts do crimes against nature, the state and the people of the world. We do have our supporters who will hide us and our works of art too. Many of our support were tortured and imprisoned or even killed for helping an artist out. Many artist homes have hidden holes in their basements the leads to a tunnel network with rooms the artist will hide and do than work. Some of them even lead to the whole colony of artists. Like a colony of ants. Where we can show our arts to other artist and supporters of the art in safety. Many of the underground rooms will have works of art saved from the fire by art lovers. Like the very old arts, the museum would have, and many art dealers hid their moist important pieces in those rooms too. Chapter 2 The Hidden Door In My Basement When I was 12 years old, my mother told me the true how my father died. I told her I know he died, but my mother told she lied about him getting into a car accident. She said," he died because he was an artist and he was shot in an art protesting against the art laws I lied to you to protect you from the art police and other people who will hurt you. Just because our wonderful father was an artist, and so am i. I know you are an artist too you. You cannot help it you alway drew on anything you could as a young child.I had to hide all of your drawing in a place that I can show you now. You must never tell about it because the art police ever found out they will kill you. I told my mother I swear I will never tell a soul. The when my mother went to what look like an old drain pipe with a plug. She then unscrewed the plug and pulled out a small gold chain at the end of the chain there was an old fashion key. She then said,"a new world will be open to you Kenny with this key." Then she moves an old worktable and reveals a trap door, and she opens the door, and there are stairs leading to an old wooden door that paint was peeling off. When she open that door I saw paintings and drawing hanging on the walls. One painting caught my eye and asked my mother'" is this you holding me as a baby? She looked and said with a tear in her eyes and said,"yes honey I am breastfeeding you in the nude, and this is the last painting your father did before bing killed." Then she walks to a corner of the room and open another door and said this is my writing room go ahead go in. I looked around, and there were shelves of books many of the story my mother told me. She said,"yes Kenny many of the stories I told you when you were little came from those books. I rememorize the stories for you. Then she moves one book, and a hidden door opens up. There was a tunnel with lights, and my mother told me to follow her. Chapter 3 The New World My mother and I walked through the tunnel to another door. Then she knocks on the door an old man said," password, please. She replies,"Mona Lisa Smile." I asked my mother," who is Mona Lisa is"? She replies it is a famous painting by one of the very old master painter you will see it later today. Then I heard locks and chains on the other side of the door and the door open. As I looked inside and seen the painting and drawing hanging on all the wall. Then I have seen people painting and drawing all kinds of art. Then I heard something I never heard and asked what that sound it sounds so beautiful. My mother just smiles and said well Kenny that's music. People use to go to concerts and dances before the law stopped it. Only here and other hidden art colonies you can hear it. One time radio plays music too. Now it all talk shows on the radio. Then' my mother did something strange she grabbed me and told me I am going to show how to dance son just move your body with the music. I started to sway with the music, and I said,"that it son just relax and enjoy it." I never felt so wonderful in my life. Then a girl my age came over she started to dance with me. My mother nodded ok go and dance with her. She shows me new types of dancing. Her name was Mary. Then my mother said,"I want you to meet a very important person here. He is the leader of this art colony. The leader was a man with a long coat cover with clay. He had a smile and said,"welcome Kenny happy to finally to meet you. Your mother shows me many of your drawing you did. Too bad most were in pencil or pen, and a lot of them faded with time. Your mother told us you still draw and love it. Here in this art colony no need to be afraid of drawing and many of us will be happy to teach a painting of all kinds.there are many kinds of art to learn, and you can learn any of them you like. I am a pottery maker I make figures out of clay and love doing it". Then he said,"I see you met Mary my daughter I felt my face turn red. The leader just smiles and said,"my name is Tom." I smiled and said"nice to meet you, sir, trying to be polite, and he called Mary over and said,"Mary be gentle with him laughing at the time." Them Tom said,"well Mary why don't you take Kenny here to the big gallery. Little did I know at the time we will be married to three budding artists. The when my new life as an artist truly began. Chapter 4 Living a Double Life I worked in a hardware store during the daytime and at nights an artist in the art colony. Many of time I will buy things from the store to be used by the artist like house paints and things the could be used for making frames and .other things. The art colony gives me my studio to use as I please. I learn to paint with oils, watercolors, and chalk. I join the art restoring team and also the outdoor drawers. The outdoor drawers are an artist the will sneak around the city drawing pictures on sidewalks and building. To show the people of the world that art is not dead. Also, the outdoor drawers will raid the detention centers to free the artist from the art cops. Yes, it is very dangerous to do, but a few of us will fight to the death to bring art back into the world. I love the art colony I have seen plays, movie, ballets, dances and watch Mary doing her ballets and jazz dancing many of times and we went to plays and movies together. One day is just sitting in a Japenese garden I ask Mary to marry me. She sais oh yes oh yes I love you, Kenny. So we had two wedding celebrates one my the state which was nothing move than signing the paperwork at the city hall. The second one was in the art colony. There were dancing, music and a big art showing in our honor. One month later my mother died, and she will tell me our house. Now Mary and l live there happily. I show Mary the hidden doors, so if Mary wanted to work on her arts, she can. Chapter 5 Our Leader Disappear One day Mary came to my studio in tears carrying our firstborn. I asked,"what wrong honey"? She barely got the words out she told me " her father was arrested when he got caught trying to get some clay and some pigment for the colony." I then said," don't worry I and the outdoor artist will get him back." She pleads with me saying," I don't want to lose you tool love you, please don't go. You have a daughter and me to think about". I replied," Oh Mary you know we have hidden tunnels in prison and other ways in and out. Also, I am the leader of the outdoor artists it is my duty to get your father out of there." I then made an announcement over the P.A. system. Calling all artist of the outsiders together in the main theater. I walked with Mary and my baby daughter named Cassie to the main theater. I climbed the stairs to the stage and said," our leader has been taken my the art police. We should draw up a plan to get him back. All in favor raise your hands". As I look over the crowd every hand was up. I then said," to the crowd, all team leaders meet me in the library in one hour." When I got to the library, all six team leaders were there. We then pull out the maps of the detention center and were the closest tunnel exit and what were the best way to get Tom back. Then we started to plan out how to attack and load our paint guns and spray cans of paints. We prepare our pepper bombs and stink bombs. Yes, the art police do have real guns and bullets. How can you shoot if you can not see or coughing up lung or two? Our med team was at the ready too. We know Tom will not be in good shape and we are ready to carry him out in one piece. chapter 6 Getting our leader back We planned to use some of our teenagers to get the art police to chase them. By playing music and dancing. The art police will not know what hit them. The paint and pepper bombs will hit them hard. Given the entrance team, time to enter the building through the underground tunnel system and the front door. The art police will be too busy to guard the cells will the artists in them. The when we will open all the cell doors and let out all the prisoners out at once. During the time we will take Tom back through the tunnel and to safely. We are all ready now. The teenagers got they music instruments ready and started to play some rock and roll. They were dressed in very colorful clothing. Make as much sound they can. The art police ran after them like a plan. Then the teenagers drove for a hidden cave as quite as mice. Then the attacking team went to work throwing paint and pepper bombs on the head of the art police.Their nice white uniforms now look like the modern art of the 1960's. They were coughing up a storm with the pepper bomb sticking to them. The when my team and I rush through the front door is spraying paint on the faces of the remaining art police. Then we met up with the team in the tunnel and open the hatch. We then cut the automatic lock wires, and all the cell doors opened. During the rush of escaping prisoner. We found children in chains, and we cut them loose. Then we found Tom, our leader. He was in bad sharp and had to be carried out. All the children that needed help each one of us carry two children each and got them down the tunnel. We all ran through the tunnel the best we could. At the end of the tunnel, themed team took care of the injury people. I needed some help with a broken arm. I then heard Mary crying. I asked,"what wrong and she reply she so happy that her father is back and I am safe." Then my daughter ran and gave me a hug and said,"I love you, daddy." Chapter 7 10 Years Later Tom step down as a leader. Then Tom made me the leader and told everyone it time for fresh blood. Everybody I choose Kenny here as the new leader anybody wants to vote for someone else may do so. Then the whole place cheered. Mary and my son the is now eight years old. Name after a great artist name Donald Mouse also known as Addy my son name is Donald Addy Stevens. We call him Addy for short. Donald Mouse is famous for his cups drawing and painting. My first acts leader is to start an art school to teach the children about the art of every kind. The school will be secret, and we make sure the children understand not tell anyone outside about the school or what is taught there. The next act I made a group of fighters and had them trained in all form of fighting. Then I beef up security more than before. Then we started to write to other art colonies. About making handouts for the outside people to try to get people to rally with us and don't be afraid to fight back. The laws against arts should be removed from the books. Now on video screen and radio, there is a big debate about bringing the arts back to the people to enjoy and make life more enjoyable. The government tries to shut down the videos and radio stations, but our techs just take over more signals. And broadcast to the world. Then it happens. The government just gave up and allow people to have art in their homes. Well, we said,"art is for all people we want to have a place for people to see and do art in public too. It took two more years, but we won. Chapter 8 The Big Change The change happens slowly, but art and artist are safe. The government put art classes back in schools and open the movie rather and concert halls and allow art shows on the streets will out the fear of bringing arrest. Thanks to all the fought hard. People need arts and people will die for the arts. Now we honor all who give everything for the right to have, see, and listen to the arts around the world. The End???????
  2. http://farmtheather.com if anybody going to Ma. in May might want to see a outdoor walking theather for $12 for adults and $10 for kids under 12 includes food and wine cash bar too.
  3. I have many of time stare at a blank paper or screen trying to think of what to write and nothing come to mind or many of time to many ideas nd cannot figure which one to go with. what i do is do something else like read a book or play some games or just take a walk in the park with the dogs to clear the mind and then to my surprise something comes to me all straight in my mind what to write and how to write it sometimes i get a block in the middle of a story so i stop and relax soon enough somthing will come to me what to write next i hope it helps some people how i handle writer blocks thank you for reading this
  4. nice one love the purple plant /limbing thr wall
  5. The furture is a story that having been written yet
  6. i just saw a video on the digital art site that scare me a little this is starting a company to hook up computers and the brain with a implant i think it damgerous because if computer can be hacked what stopping a hacker to hack your brain and steal your mind or changing you to a differnt person maybe even made you do things you do not know you did them your must inmate thought and idea can be stolen some poeple may think it just scfy but poeple thought the same as mqn landing on the moon one time that was scfy too
  7. Blue Sneakers By Franklin Stevens copyright ©2017 Hi, my name is Keds, it said so on my heels. I am a size 4 and I live in a shoe shop on Main Street. On a shelf next to Mr. Hiker and Mrs. High Heels. I hope today will be the day I get bought. I have heard stories about the shoe and sneakers of the outdoors that live in the recycle bin. I been dreaming of the day ever since I was made. One bright sunny day it happens I got bought. This little boy came in with his mother and he picks me out and asked his mother'" If he can try me on". The mother picks me up and bends my toe almost to my heel that hurts. Then she told her son to sit down take off those old sneakers. The old sneakers said to me, "we are so tired and happy to be recycled. The mother put me on his warm soft feet and asked," how do they feel Tony? He said," nice mommy ". The salesman asked, "them wearing the sneakers or should I boxed them up". The mother said," he will wear them now". I thought I am going to see the world yeah! The sidewalk has hot from the sun and it was hard too. I did not mind it until Tony stepped in some sticky old gum yuck. I keep on sticking to the sidewalk and thought my sole will rip. When Tony and his mother got home I felt the cooling wood floor. When Tony went to bed he kicks me off his feet not untied my lace I went to sleep. The next morning Tony push me hard and it hurt some but not too bad. Tony ask his mother this "if he can go out and play in the yard today". She answers "yes but stays out of the flower beds". After he ate breakfast he ran outside and step into a yucky muddy mess mud hole. Then started to kick a ball around at end of the day I was dirty and tired. Tony did the same with me as the night before. His mother saw the mess I was in and she washed me. This happens a lot with Tony. I will be a muddy mess and his mother will clean me up for the next six months is what will happen. Then one day Tony feet got too big for me. So they went back to the same shoe store they got me. By then I was started to fall apart at the seams and I smell bad too. The salesman took me and said oh well it the trash bin for this pair of sneakers the recycle place will never take them to worn out. So I sit there and remember all the good times and bad times I had with Tony. THE END
  8. I think writing is an àrt and not, because there many forms of writing.There writing ones feelings. Then there fantsy writing, scfy writing, fiction and poetry those are art writing Then you writing to give informtion and news ,ads. I don't called art writing There is an art writing a story and the telling of a story. If the story is nade up or real there is an art to it.
  9. Little Fish In A Bowl by Fraklin Stevens ( Kod ) Litt fish swimming in your little bowl I wonder if you are happy in your little world Do you wish your bowl was a big lake or small pond Or think this is the right size for you Do you like poeple watching you awim all day Oh I wish you could tell me Do you think your food cames from the sky Or do you think a God shake a can and give you food Little fish do you know me As you look at me Do you wonder what I am When I enjoy your swimming around Oh little fish how I wonder what you think and feel Oh how I wonder about you
  10. you thinking the old testment. Is not talking about alll graven images. Only images to be worship and f gods and goddress. You should think of it this way.When Moses came down the mountain there you people stop beleiving în the one God. They thought Moses their leader uwas dead. So they decided to go back and worship the old way they before. If Mose one God could not protect them why worship the one God. Also not Moses follower were jewish. A lot of them still worshipnthere Gods and Goddres. So art as a sin only if it depict a image of God the will be agaist the 10 commandments The the bible talking about .
  11. Hi

    I hope to start writing stories soon i think i found an android writing app the will allow me to copy paste on this site the fitst story will be only a few paragraph long to see if it work right