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  • Welcome the Laurie Millers VAG page thats Virtual Art Gallery in case you wondered

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Laurie Miller




Laurie Miller: Painter Extraordinaire

Square Rain Painting

Laurie Miller is an artist who has become renowned for her work that reflects celebration of life.

She was a small kid when she discovered the joy of expression through the art of dancing.

She says she was introduced to tap dancing at the tender age of three. She loved tap dancing so much that she decided to learn to play several musical instruments such as bass, piano, and violin.

Laurie went to attend Penn State, Pennsylvania State University, where she studied theatre arts. Her course had a clear focus upon dance. It was here that Laurie first discovered her love for art, painting in particular.


Laurie studied dance but it was art that touched her heart and soul. Nevertheless, Laurie completed her dance studies from Pen State to complete her graduation.

Afterwards, she did her BFA in design from California College of Arts. With a degree in designing in her cap, Laurie worked as a graphic designer for several companies in Bay Area. Interestingly, Laurie was playing gigs in the evenings at the same time.


Laurie is a multifaceted personality. While she has made a living as a recording artist, musician, songwriter, and a music teacher, she has also created paintings that have caught the attention of the art loving public as well as critics around the country.

Laurie has 5 CD’s to her credit with the latest being Listen People which was released during fall 2016.


Laurie derives satisfaction with her work of art that has not only won her several awards but also sold at high prices. Her art has also been well received at art exhibitions around the country.

Her artwork has found a place in not only solo but also group galleries in art exhibitions. Her series of Rain Paintings and Plant People have sold in high numbers among art loving public. She happens to be a proud member of Women in Arts.


Laurie Miller says she is not tied to a particular style of art. She loves creating work of art in many different styles, especially expressionistic art.

Laurie believes this style of art is like babies, all the time growing and evolving. She says that her expressionistic paintings start as nude babies and then develop into happy and cute children.

It is the fervent hope and desire of this great artist that her work of art is able to connect with the feelings and emotions of the viewers.

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