I777microtherater is now Seattleartcommune.com

Nov. 4th 2013 777microtheater started up


now has a few websites to serve the masses and the artists

A collection of programs


All these websites are operated and paid for by Donald meek

Donald Meek’s brithday


I get paid a couple times a month. Its then i add yet one more program to this list or feature

Next pay day for me

The 17th




777Microttheater is now SEATTLEARTCOMMUNE.COM  Seattleartcommune is a place for all artists and musicians to gather and have a show. It is composed of many things it is mostly  a ART Gallery which is the main page you see and a Forums for the ordinary person to have fun reading and posting. There is a multitude of things to do on here.

We mostly want to show off the artists we love our artists and hope to find many more to join in the show. It’s a ART COMMUNE in cyberspace. It is always free to the public and the Artist.

Not here yet but soon will be a friends facebook clone wall type thing..


Where anonymous secrets are posted via number no log in


Also known as 777microtheater magazine. Where some stories and video photos art are posted

Open to all to post



Pinionary is a pintrest clone works much the same way but not exactly. Its for artists to very easy PIN  art to the board the PIN IT button works with most websites to extract photos. If you have a website this might be a easy way for you to show your works and or other art.

Optic Rock

.Optic Rock is very new starting Febuary 7th it is a place for photographers to join in to a photo gallery and show and sell digital downloads and or 5x7 prints. For the photographer it uses FTP uploads of photos so any size file works fine the larger the better for maximum print quality. All photographers and Artists are welcome.

Search the WIKI add a word or 5

Its fun easy to use no log in needed.


Shannon iis a fine artist and photographer. I hope you find her gallery and take a good long look and please comment on her good work since that’s what we here for really the artists.

Shannon Kringen


777microtheater is now a complex bunch of programs the seattleartcommune has a ton of things to do on it alone.

Very nice realist drawings he does. Please again find his gallery and post a comment .

Loren Smedburg.

Isi far iyr only craftsperson turned artist. Her work is very wonderful. Check it out and post a note in her forum


seattleartcommune Pinionary Opticrocks wikinia
Are you a Artist?

If you are a artist i do hope you will come join us here on  seattle ART commune. We need you. You can show  and or sell your  art and crafts. Just be the best  you can do then your IN. This is a so much no rejection site. Everyone is welcome. Tell your art friends to come join too. Lets get a gang of artists in here.